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Mamdev Ghana Limited


MAMDEV is a Ghanaian civil engineering and building construction company registered in 1993 as Mamphey Developers (Ghana) Limited. Since our inception, our primary objective has been to satisfy the growing needs and demands of the Ghanaian and African construction, real estate, and property markets for more sophisticated, modern, and internationally competitive infrastructure and designs.

We pride ourselves in having the expertise and services of locally and internationally trained and experienced professionals in various architectural, engineering, and construction disciplines. A team whose experiences span across Asia and Africa, in countries as varied as Malaysia, Angola, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Namibia, Mali and Ghana, where our Head Office is located. This has ensured our commitment to excellence.



Trust – We believe trusting ourselves first and foremost is key to winning the trust of our clients.

Hardwork – Our desire to want to be the best means working hard and smart on each day task.

Ingegrity – Each member of MAMDEV has the sole responsibility of staying true to our values, chosen methods of operations and principles on each task. Honesty and Teamwork are key here. The main objective is to provide quality service to satisfy the desires of our clients.



The mission of MAMDEV is to deliver timely, the highest quality service in civil and structural engineering, building and infrastructural construction, and development consulting. At the heart of our mission is an aim to empower the African in the area of architecture, engineering, and construction by ensuring an appropriate transfer of much needed Eastern skills and technology to Africa. It is our hope that this will be a source of inspiration to other construction companies in Africa.


The vision of MAMDEV is to become a leading global engineering and construction company with qualified and experienced professionals from Africa at the helm of affairs.

At MAMDEV, we believe in the design and build team approach. That is the hallmark of MAMDEV!