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A smart city is an urban area that uses different types of electronic data collection to supply information which is used to manage assets and resources efficiently. This include data collected from citizens, devices, and assets that is processed and analyzed to monitor and manage traffic and transportation systems, power plants, water supply networks, waste management, law enforcement, information systems, schools, libraries, hospitals and other community services.


Smart parking – There will be systems that will alert drivers when there is free parking spot. Citizens will no longer waste their time looking for a place to park and the city will be less polluted.

Intelligent transport system – Many public transport systems are already interconnected. This allows for different public transports to be coordinated and to provide information in real time.

Traffic management – Monitoring road systems will inform drivers about which route is best at any given time. Also, it will automatically manage the traffic lights in order to reduce congestion to the minimum taking into account the traffic volume at certain times of the day.

Smart grids –  They will provide the necessary amount of electricity depending on the demand. This way the power efficiency will be maximized. There are some cities that are testing these systems, as Malaga for instance.

Smart urban lighting – Why waste energy if nobody is on the street? Smart urban lighting will adjust the intensity of the light depending on the people around you.

Waste management –  Not all places generate the same kind or the same amount of waste. With smart containers and a good fleet management system, the routes can be tailored to any situation.

Digital-signage – Urban ads will be tailored to each citizen and advertising will provide services. Whereas now we see many concert posters around the city, in the future the customer will have the chance to actually buy the ticket via the billboard.



City of Gold Coast (AUSTRALIA)                                                                                                                                                                                                                  GOALS:

  • To ensure residents, local businesses and industries communication activities are effectively managed.
  • To meet the reporting requirements of the International Games Federation.


The Gold Coast, located in Queensland, is a majestic destination including beaches, amusement parks and an energetic atmosphere. Establishment of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation occurred in 2012. The vision of the Common wealth games was, “To stage a great Games in a great city, leaving great memories and great benefits for all.” The Government and Games Delivery Partners had been working in collaboration to prepare for the wide-scale event. It was set to be the largest sporting event the city had seen. The Commonwealth Games are always a historic event. They inspire people to work hard, take part and engage with the larger community. Hosting the occasion meant temporary changes such as increased tourism and road changes needed to occur. A priority was to keep locals updated with the changes and cause minimal disruption. 



Key Projects

  • Gold Coast University Hospital
  • Tugun Desalination Plant
  • Raising of Hinze Dam
  • Southport Broadwater Parklands
  • Gold Coast Rapid Transit System
  • Gold Coast Ferry Service
  • Roser Park Regional Botanic Gardens
  • Evandale Cultural Precinct including a greenbridge from Evanlade Parklands to Chevron Island
  • Mermaid Waters Library
  • Gold Coast Shoreline Management Plan


New Clark City (PHILLIPINES)

New Clark city is a planned community under-development located in Capas, Tarlac, Philippines. It has an area of approximately 9,450 hectares (23,400 acres) and it will accommodate up to 1.2million people. It is managed by the Bases Conversion and Development Authority(BCDA) The project was named ‘’Clark’’ for marketing purposes for potential investors in the area.


In March 2015, the Philippine Congress approved House Resolution 116 in support of Clark Green City. The development is under the management of the Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA). The BCDA signed a 100-year contract with Filinvest to develop the 288 hectares (710 acres) of land for allocated project. The development authority also managed to make partnership with foreign firms to develop Clark Green City such as United Arab Emirates-based Al Ahli Holding Group which plans tourism-related projects in the area, Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corp which plans to connect Clark Green City to Manila as well as surrounding cities by rail, and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute which will assist the BCDA to come up with ‘’smart and disaster-resilent’’ features for the planned community



  • Government District
  • Central Business District
  • Academic District
  • Agri-Forestry Research and Development District
  • Wellness
  • Recreation and Eco-tourism District


It is planned that Clark Green City will accommodate about 1.2million residents and 800 thousand workers.


The New Clark City Sports Complex located within the proposed National Government Administrative Center contains an athlete’s village, an acquatic center and a 20,100-seater stadium, which is currently under construction. New Clark city was selected to be the main host of the 2019 Southeast Asian Games, which will be taking place all over Luzon.


The planned Philippine National Railways (PNR) Manila-Clark Railway will connect New Clark City to the capital, Manila. NCC is served by Clark International Airport.


Sharm El Sheikh (EGYPT)

Sharm El Sheikh (commonly known as Sharm) has been branded as one of the world’s most exclusively exotic tourist destinations. Perched on the southern-most tip of the Sinai Peninsula. Sharm el Sheikh is a string of bays resting in the midst of glorious mountain ranges. Between its year-round warm climate, its majestic beaches along the Red Sea, its breathtaking underwater museum, it’s day and night exotic activities complimented only by its world-class residential and touristic properties.


Lamp-posts on El Salaam Street use solar power. Taxis and buses are numbered for safety. Sharm’s marina has been redeveloped for private yachts and sailing boats, with a passenger terminal for cruise ships. The city is served by Sharm El Sheikh International Airport, the third largest airport in Egypt. Sharm has frequent coach services to Cairo leaving from the Delta Sharm bus station.


Sharm El Sheikh was formerly a port, but commercial shipping has been greatly reduced as the result of strict environmental laws introduced in the 1990s. Until 1982, there was only a military port in Sharm El Sheikh, on the northern part of Marsa Bareka. The civilian port development started in the mid-1980s, when the Sharem-al-Maya Bay became the city’s main yacht and service port. Sharm El Sheikh’s major industry is foreign and domestic tourism, owing to its dramatic landscape, year-round dry climate with long hot summers and warm winters as well as long stretches of natural beaches. Its waters are clear and calm for most of the year and have become popular for various watersports, particularly recreational scuba diving and snorkeling. There is great scope for scientific tourism with diversity in marine life species; 250 different coral reefs and 1000 species of fish. These natural resources, together with its proximity to European tourism markets, have stimulated the rapid growth of tourism that the region is currently experiencing. The total number of resorts increased from three in 1982 to ninety-one in 2000. Guest nights also increased in that period\ from sixteen thousand to 5.1 million. Companies that have been attracted to invest in this city include Hyatt Regency, Accor, Marriott, Le Méridien, Four Seasons, and Ritz-Carlton, with categories of three to five stars. In 2007, the area saw the opening of its first aqua park hotel resort. The four star Aqua Blu Sharm Resort was built on the Ras Om El Seid, with an area of 133,905 square metres (1,441,340 sq ft). Sharm is also the home of a congress center, located along Peace Road, where many international political and economic meetings have been held, including peace conferences, ministerial meetings, world bank meetings, and Arab League. 


Sharm El Sheikh has also become a favourite spot for scuba divers from around the world. Being situated near the Red Sea, it provides some of the most stunning underwater scenery and warm water, making this an ideal place to dive. Visitors to Sharm El Sheikh can experience a variety of water activities. Beach seekers find many activities such as diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kitesurfing, para-sailing, boating, and canoeing.

Ras Mohammed National Park is located at the most southerly tip of the Sinai Peninsula where the waters of the Red Sea and Gulf of Suez meet. This is home to diverse marine life and with walls plunging to over 800m in depth, the wreckage of the Yolanda including toilets & Baths along with strong currents it is not surprising that it ranks within the best areas worldwide.

The Sharm El Sheikh Hyperbaric Medical Center was founded in 1993 (with a grant from USAID) by the Egyptian Ministry of
Tourism, represented by Dr. Adel Taher, to assist with diving-related illnesses and complete the area’s reputation as a full-service dive destination.


Cape Coast is a city, fishing port, and the capital of Cape coast metropolitan District and Central Region of south Ghana. The Central Region is the former government centre of the Gold Coast.

  •  History: Cape Coast was the seat of the British colonial administration until 1877. The coastline is famous for its ancient forts and castles built by early European traders, and three of them at Elmina, St. Jago and Cape Coast have been identified as World Heritage Monuments by the World heritage. The British captured the place in the 1664 and used the cape coast castle to hub slaves before their journey on the middle passage. 
  • Cape Coast is situated on its south to the Gulf of guinea Cape Coast had a settlement population of 169,894 people (2010 census). The language of the people of Cape Coast is Fante. From the 16th century until Ghanaian independence, the city and fishing port changed hands between the British, the Portuguese, the Swedish, the Danish and the Dutch. It is home to 32 festivals.
Among the numerous tourist sites in the region are the forts and castles, Kakum national park, bird watching, cultural festivals, eco-tourism, business tourism and many more. Today, the existence of Dutch and Portuguese influence in Cape Coast could still be seen through the existence of forts, castles, churches, schools and cemetery as well as street names and family names. The forts and castles today attract more than 100,000 tourists annually most of which are international tourists.
  • Panafest is a biennial festival promoting Pan Africanism through Arts and Culture that is held every two years in Ghana-West Africa. The festival provides a forum to promote unity between Africans on the continent and in Diaspora and affirms the common heritage of African people all over the world by defining and promoting Africa’s contribution to world civilization. Panafest attracts a diverse assembly of people. Rita Marley, the wife of famous Jamaican Reggae singer settled in Ghana after attending Panafest and traced her ancestors to Ghana after the death of her husband (Panafest webpage 2007). Also, Barrack Obama and his family also visited Cape Coast Castle when they were in Ghana after reading much about Panafest . The Cape Coast Castle used to harbor slaves in Ghana before being transported from Africa to America in the slavery days.






1. Michelle Obama believes it to be her ancestral home. New York Times genealogist traced the former first lady’s roots back through American slavery to Cape Coast and although the details remain under wraps, there was no denying how important it was not only for her, but her entire family, to connect to these faraway roots during her family’s visit to Cape Coast castle in 2009. 

2. From 1500’s to 1957, the city and port changed hands between the British, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, and Dutch. This multicultural history speaks to the area’s importance as a trade route that transported not only slaves but gold, honey, and other African spoils; thus making this ideal spot (then called the Gold Coast) the country’s capital until 1877 when it was moved to Accra. 

3. It is home to The International Stingless Bee Centre This quaint ecotourism site and centre for environmental education is home to the beekeeping of the varied and little known stingless bees. An international research centre is also on site in this gem off the beaten track, visitors can also sample the delicious honey and pollen. 

4. There’s a great vegetarian restaurant in the area Vegetarian in Ghana know how hard it is to find good options in decent restaurants. Save for a couple of regular dishes such as plantain and bean stew, choice is often limited. Baobab House is a vegetarian’s dream and patrons can choose from options including smoothies, curries, stews, and black bread sandwiches while enjoying a seaside view.

5. It is home to Fort William. Slave records show that the number of people transported from Fort william to Barbados and Jamaica in a single stretch from 1701 to 1708 was over 30,000. This fort, whose location was contested by the French, was a centre of the British slave trade until the illegality of the act in 1807. The impressive remains of the fort can still be seen today. 

6. One of the oldest churches in Ghana is located here . Headed by Joseph Dunnwell, The Methodist Church of Cape Coast was set up by Wesleyan missionaries in 1835. The early beginnings of missionaries in the country was a difficult transition as 11 out of the original 21 missionaries died in this new environment. Despite this, they stayed through the various wars and skirmishes and spread their message throughout West Africa.


  • Castles and Fortes – Cape Coast is home to ancient castles and forts that were often used during the slave trade as holding areas for human cargo. The 15th Century fort, that largely remains intact, is the location of one of the first Catholic churches in Sub-Saharan Africa. Today, it is the most photographed structure in Ghana.. Cultural shows are often performed at the castle. All Ghanaian castles and Forts have been declared World Heritage Monuments by UNESCO. For many Africans in diaspora, the forts and castles are sacred sites where they visit constantly to understand how their forefathers were handled before been transported to the Americas (Arthur ^ Mensah 2006).
  • Cultural Heritage – This ranges from festivals, crafts and arts, music and dance, architecture, beliefs and practices. The cultural heritage of Africans in general serve as a resourceful tourist attraction worldwide. They range from chieftaincy affairs, festivals, durbar and many more [Ghana tourism page 2009].
  • Wildlife species and forest –There are many wild life species, national parks, eco tourist sites, beaches, sun bay waterfall and many more natural attractions that have a significant magnetic force for tourism to Cape Coast and its environs. The most famous ones are Elmina beach, Kakum national park, Bali Agung Village, Asafo shrine and many more (Tourism board 2009).
  • Nature – Natural elements that pull tourist to visit a destination could be found everywhere in Cape Coast. It includes Rain forest, sea, sand sun, bird watching, natural parks, wild life(Plants and animals), waterfalls, mountains, lakes beaches….The most famous being the Elmina beach and Kakum national park (Tourism board 2008).
  • Other man-made attractions – There are other man-made tourism attractions that makes cape Coast a memorable one to visit. They include conference facilities and hotels, museums, art galleries, traditional music and dance. Since these attractions are becoming popular tourism attraction, it is attracting domestic and international tourist and in a way boosting economic development (Tourism board 2009).


The Cape Coast Green City delivers a master planed development that aspires to develop a totally improved version of the ancient and historic first  capital of Ghana, West Africa. 

The Developmental Projects Would Be Earmarked Under The Following Hubs, To Ensure A Strategic, Progressive And Well Administered Execution Of The New Green City.


  •  Amusement park
  • Hotels
  • Recreational resort
  • Marina
  • Botanical Garden
  • kayaking

Revamping existing health and sports facilities and creation of sports village that would make cape coast city the first preference call for intra and international sporting activities.

Reclaim and rehabilitate all existing forts and castles, and make the natural and ancient wonders and relics of cape coast city available to the general public.

These core hubs are going to be supported With world class infrastructural upgrades and additions, as well as state of the art facilities that make would make CAPE COAST CITY a truly SMART and GREEN ONE.

Some highlights of Cape coast green city would be:

Advanced Infrastructure: Uninterrupted Electrical Energy Source, Clean Water, Underground Drainage, Solar Farms And Smart City Engineering
  • International airport
  • Sea Water And Waste Water Treatment
  • Fiber Optic Communication Across The City
  • Elevated Street Levels To Accommodate Trams
  • An Iconic Marina With A Fishing Wharf And Mini-port
  • Recreational Centres , parks and Botanical Gardens
  • World Class Retail Outlet
  • State Of The Art Educational And Health Centres
  •  Pedestrian Friendly City
  • Very Extensive Landscaping In The City



The overall objectives of the project is to transform Cape Coast and Elmina into intentionally competitive tourism destinations using the vehicle of Eco-tourism.

Project Deliverable

The following will be the project deliverable and immediate deliverables:

Cape Coast-Main Deliverables
1. Marina, Fishing Wharf & Miniport (Fosu Lagoon)
2. Dredging Of Kakum River Basin For Kayaking Sport
3. Airport For Wide Bodied Jets
4. Convention Centre
5. Arts And Craft Village
6. Museum
7. Sport Village .The Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) have announced they have won the rights to host the 2023 African Games.It will be the first time the country will stage the multi-sport event. Ghana’s Deputy Sports Minister Perry Okudzeto confirmed they had won the bid to host the event with suggestions the effort would be centred around one city, most likely the capital Accra. However, the development of Cape Coast “Green” city creates an enabling environment for the games to be held in Cape Coast. This event can be held in cape coast green city.
8. Three Star Hotel
9. Four Star Hotel
10. Five Star Hotel + Security Quarters For Presidential Aids
11. Budget Hotel
12. Residential Enclave (Apartments And Homes)
13. Shopping Mall (City Center)
14. Modern Hospital With Staff Accommodation
15. New Palace For Cape Coast Traditional Ruler
16. Rehabilitation Of Existing Hospitals And Other Satellite Clinics
17. Rehabilitation Of Forts & Castles



The increasing number of tourists and the evolving profile of today’s traveler demand a host of new tourism offering and infrastructure projects. Therefore, investing in the under-listed services are means to enhance growth, generate income, employment generation and improvement in economic structure.

  • Tourist accommodation –  Multi-hotel resorts, Single-hotel resorts at beach sites, other lake sites etc
  • Business Hotels of all classes :
Lodges and Inns; desirable locations include eco-tourism sites(eco-lodges in National parks), as well as other isolated tourism attraction sites and towns.
Motels on major tourist routes
Hostels particularly on or near university campuses for dual use by tourists and campus students
  • Motel and Highway Rest stops

A simple basic road-side stop with facilities for parking; washrooms; basic refreshment, etc.

Fairly elaborate with facilities for parking, washrooms, cafeteria, shop, fuel and auto-servicing

  •  Tourist Transport Services
  • Cruise Boats – For various leisure purposes such as cruise excursions, or personalized recreation like fishing etc
  •  Medical Tourism e.g. tourism health insurance companies; ambulance service for tourists
  • Food and Beverages Services
Street Taverns, Cafes and Food Counters specializing in local snacks as well as foreign snacks
Fast Food Restaurants e.g. the demand for the likes of KFC and McDonalds
Specialty Restaurants: Especially African and Ghanaian cuisine restaurants 


  • Entertainment
Amusement parks etc.
  • Leisure and Sports: Ghana tourist offer has been mainly sight-seeing such as festivals, monuments, game-viewing and nature walk. There is a high demand from tourists for leisure and sporting activities to brighten up their stay. The following would immensely enhance tourists experiences:
World-class golf courses
Marinas on our Inland lakes and big rivers for sport fishing, yachting, surfing etc.


  •  Shopping
Souvenir shops
Shopping malls
Duty-free shops
Shopping arcades
Banking halls


Miracle Garden Dubai Which Would Be An Implementaing Case Study For In A Garden In Cape Coast Green City

Kayaking In The Eastern Region


1. Marina, Fishing Wharf & Miniport ALONG FOSU LOGOON                                                                                                                  

2.Dredging of Kakum Basin (7km) 100m wide                                                                                                                                                             

3. International Airport For Wide Bodied Jets + Military And Police Barracks 1                                                                                           

4. Convention Centre 2 1000&3000 CAPACITY 

5. Arts And Craft Village 1 

6. Museum 1 

7. Sport Village (International Events) 1 

8. Three Star Hotel 1 

9. Four Star Hotel 1 

10. Five Star 2 

11. Budget Hotel 5 

12. Residential Enclave Apartments And Homes 500,000 OCCUPANTS PHASES 1,2 & 3  

13. Shopping Mall (City Center) 1 $112 MILLION 1

4. Modern Hospital(new) With Staff Accommodation 1 

15. New Palace For Cape Coast Traditional Ruler 1 

16. Rehabilitation And Upgrading Of Existing Hospitals (3no) And Other Satelite Clinics N/A 

17. Rehabilitation Of Forts & Castles In Cape Coast And Elmina N/A