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We take pride in providing quality, efficient solutions to our clients. Whether in the public, commercial, retail, or residential market we are guided by our art and discipline. Our services carry across a broad range of the engineering and construction spectrum:

  • Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Building and Infrastructural Construction
  • Development Consulting




The engineering field is an evolving and complex one. Each day comes with its new request and challenge. However fed and directed by our research and development team, our engineers are able to provide solutions based on tested international industry standards. Making that which seems impossible a reality. Guided by our philosophy, skill of acquiring and applying scientific, mathematical, economic, and practical knowledge to plans and designs, we are able to safely realize improvements to the lives of people and communities on each task. The engineering arm of MAMDEV is made up of the Civil and Structural Engineering unit, supported and guided by our Quality Assurance, and Research & Development units. The unit is driven by a team of qualified civil, structural, electrical and mechanical engineers with local and international experience in the construction of:

  • DAMS



To meet the needs of a broad range of clients in the real estate and property markets the company has developed a multi-disciplinary approach to construction. Our processes involve researching, planning, designing, and turning designs into reality. Our Research & Development team works hand-in-hand with our Marketing team in order to stay in touch with the rapidly changing tastes and needs of our markets. Our Quality Assurance unit also plays an important role in ensuring that the minimum standards of quality are being attained during the construction process. With talented architects, surveyors, building technologists, construction managers, and interior designers, our specialties in construction range from the developments of:

  • Educational Complexes
  • Hospitals 
  • Hotels
  • Office and Residential Complexes
  • Oil pipeline and Storage Facilities
  • Public Buildings and Structures 
  • Religious Buildings

We are able to efficiently:

Manage multiple construction projects effectively and efficiently. Manage complex projects that require specialized expertise. Deliver projects complete, before the scheduled time, and on budget. Eliminate project hick-ups and free up client’s time to work on what they do best.


This sector of Africa is a growing and much appreciated one. It involves the beautification, reconfiguration, and modification of the land and its visible features Our designers include talented sculptors, artists, landscape designers and contractors. Projects in this area have included the construction of statues, musical fountains, and large sized canopies.


High barriers to entry, tight credit markets, and dropping property values in the construction, real estate, and property markets have created substantial challenges for entrants. Other challenges such as right authorities to deal with, processes and permits to obtain, budgeting, financing, and planning can sometimes stall a project whether complete, under-construction or in the pre-development stage.

A successful project requires experienced professionals, flexible and dynamic thinking, and the right leadership to keep up with rapidly changing market conditions. Through the use of unique methodologies and our leadership, who have played and held key roles in both the public and private sectors, our consultants have developed the expertise in this area and are able to guide real estate, land and property investors, developers, and other construction companies by providing quality market leading consultancy services in their relevant areas. This unit is directed and managed by professional consulting engineers, economists, financial and investment analysts, and strategy consultants.

Our services include:

  • Economic and Financial Viability Analysis
  • Real Estate and Property Investment Analysis
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Construction Planning & Site Supervision
  • Feasibility Studies and Project Reports
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Project Management
  • Site Selection, Surveying and Valuation
  • Start-up and Commissioning Supervision