MAMDEV is a Ghanaian civil engineering and building construction company registered in 1993 as Mamphey Developers (Ghana) Limited. Since our inception, our primary objective has been to satisfy the growing needs and demands of the Ghanaian and African construction, real estate, and property markets for more sophisticated, modern, and internationally competitive infrastructure and designs.

We pride ourselves in having the expertise and services of locally and internationally trained and experienced professionals in various architectural, engineering, and construction disciplines. A team whose experiences span across Asia and Africa, in countries as varied as Malaysia, Angola, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Namibia, Mali and Ghana, where our Head Office is located. This has ensured our commitment to excellence.

At MAMDEV, we believe in the design and build team approach. Our team will guide you from the planning through to the designing and building stages. Working with an Eastern skills approach in our assembly, we run a three-shift schedule that ensures that your project is completed ahead of schedule. That is the hallmark of MAMDEV!

Our scope of work covers the entire broad spectrum of the building and construction service including technical due diligence, management, and compliance. Our expertise incorporates a wide range of building types:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Educational
  • Public Structures.

MAMDEV plays an active role in setting standards within whichever market it operates and actively seeks to adapt its skills to meet the changing needs of its clients.


The vision of MAMDEV is to become a leading global engineering and construction company with qualified and experienced professionals from Africa at the helm of affairs.


The mission of MAMDEV is to deliver timely, the highest quality service in civil and structural engineering, building and infrastructural construction, and development consulting. At the heart of our mission is an aim to empower the African in the area of architecture, engineering, and construction by ensuring an appropriate transfer of much needed Eastern skills and technology to Africa. It is our hope that this will be a source of inspiration to other construction companies in Africa.


What differentiates us from our competitors is our unique work schedule that enables us to deliver a project with an outstanding standard ahead of schedule; this is the hallmark of the company!



 We believe trusting ourselves first and foremost is key to winning the trust of our clients.


Our desire to want to be the best means working hard and smart on each task.


Each member of MAMDEV has the sole responsibility of staying true to our values, chosen methods of operations and principles on each task. Honesty and Teamwork are key here. The main objective is to provide quality service to satisfy the desires of our clients.



MAMDEV recognizes that any given project demands a fundamental understanding and experience in various areas of professional involvement. In this respect the company is driven and headed by talented and experienced management with the most appropriate leadership skills for each project awarded.

Our management team, themselves technical persons, have a hands-on approach which has permeated every facet of our corporate life. Their vision of leading us to invest in cutting edge technologies, innovative construction methods from the East, modern safety practices and delivery systems has enabled us to expand our services. At MAMDEV, we like to think of ourselves as one big family of dedicated hardworking individuals.


Mr. Mamphey is the Managing Director of MAMDEV. He plays a key role in providing the vision, leadership and guidance to his team for the effective and timely delivery of construction and related services. Overseeing the entire operations of the company, his 30 odd years in both the public and private sector as a Project Architect and Manager is testament to his commitment and dedication to the industry. He has been involved with several projects in the industrial, commercial, retail, public, religious and residential sectors including being Project Coordinator for the REDCO Housing Estate when he was Assistant Director at the Ministry of Works and Housing, Ghana. Other roles include National Regional Architect at the Architectural & Engineering Services Company (now AESL)-Ghana, and Project Coordinator for the $68 MILLION Japanese grant for the Kasoa – Winneba road project under Tasei Corporation, Japan. Mr. Mamphey, a member of the Ghana Institute of Architects, is an alumnus of the Achimota Secondary School and holds a BSc. Degree (Architecture) and Graduate Diploma in Architecture from the University of Science and Technology (now KNUST). He is actively involved with other companies in the property and oil sectors of Ghana and Africa respectively.


Mr. Jon is the General Manager and Project Engineer of MAMDEV. He adds to the company a wealth of over 25 years of experience in civil and structural works in roads, highways, bridges and tunnels. Before joining MAMDEV, Mr. Jon worked with KKC Corporation as a Director responsible for over 30,000 workers in the construction and energy trading sectors of Asia and Africa. He has been Project Coordinator and Section Engineer for, among many structures, the International Peace Centre in Korea, the Rason Impero Hotel, and the maintenance of the main building of the Kim Man Yu Hospital. He also formed part of a team responsible for drainage, precast cement box culverts on the Nampo Highway and also supervised the construction of roads in the Mt. Paekdu area, both in Korea. Responsible for the general management of engineering and construction services, he serves as a driving force on each project. Mr. Jon holds a degree in Construction Management from the Korea University of Railways.


Alhaji is a Chief Technical Advisor and Principal Development Consultant with a wealth of over 40 years of experience in the Architectural and Development Consulting fields in Ghana and West Africa. A fellow of the Ghana Institute of Architects, Alhaji’s many professional roles have included being a Research Fellow at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Chairman of Interim Management Committee at the State Housing Company, Ghana, Technical Director at the Ministry of Water Resources, Works and Housing and being Chief Technical Advisor at the same ministry. As the Principal Development Consultant, he guides in providing consultancy services to many private and public firms in diverse development industries of Ghana. Alhaji holds a BSc. Degree (Architecture) and Graduate Diploma in Architecture from the University of Science and Technology (now KNUST). He also participated in many international programs including the International Training Program at the Harvard University College. Alhaji also holds a Certificate in Design and Construction of Industralised Housing Systems from the Larsen and Nielson Consulter, Denmarkrper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.



Mr. Bruce Acquah is the Accountant and Financial Advisor of MAMDEV. His role includes being responsible for the development and monitoring of internal controls within the company. His background and area of expertise is in Financial Consultancy and Auditing. He serves as an adjunct lecturer (Financial Accounting) at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Consultancy Division. Mr. Bruce Acquah was the Head of General Operations (Finance and Administration) at Midas Insurance Brokers, having been Deputy Manager, Finance at KEK Insurance Brokers for more than a decade.
He holds an Executive Masters in Administration (EMBA) from GIMPA and a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm), Dip Ed from the University of Cape Coast. Mr. Bruce Acquah is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICA).


Mr. Sim is a Project Coordinator and Site Supervisor of MAMDEV. He began his professional career as a Senior Engineer and Project Coordinator on projects such as the Green House Construction Site in Korea on which project he was responsible for concrete works and culverts for roads and railways. His experiences in Ghana include being Project Coordinator for many construction projects including the General Services building of Ghana’s Presidential Palace; Flagstaff House, the construction of a regional hospital in Wa, and the sourcing and purchasing of construction materials around the globe. He has also been responsible for purchasing materials at construction sites of dwelling houses in Korea. He holds a degree in Coordination and Interpretation from the Korea University of Construction.


Mr. Ham is the Senior Plant Engineer of MAMDEV. His role also includes being responsible for the purchasing, development, and maintenance of all plant and machinery of the company. His previous roles have included working on the 9.9 Street Construction Site in Korea, being involved in the asphalt paving project of Wonsan-Kumgangsan Highway and Road Project in Sariwon City, Korea and also being responsible for concrete paving work of mountain access road in Siberia City, Russia. Mr. Ham holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Korea University of Railways.


Mr. Jang is the Senior Architect, Landscape Designer and Sculptor of MAMDEV. His previous roles have included being an Architect and Site Agent for many projects including being part of a team to work on the project of the Pyongyang – Nampo Highway Construction site, being responsible for reproduction of working drawings for Green Houses in joint venture with China, Korea, and also for production of working drawings for the project of the General Services Building at the Flagstaff House, Accra, Ghana. Mr. Jang is responsible for the supervision and production of architectural and landscaping works. He holds a degree in Architecture from the Korea University of Construction.